Mud Hair Depilatory Cream for Women and Men


An innovative hair depilatory cream that integrates Dead Sea mud and minerals, in a rich velvety mask. It removes all unwanted hair from all parts of the body, within minutes. It leaves the skin soft and clean for 2-3 weeks.


Instructions for Use:

• Apply to each part of the body separately.

• Spread a thick layer of the cream. Do not rub into the skin. Leave on for 4-5 minutes.(for face and bikini line product leave on for 2-3 minutes).

• Remove the cream from a small area with a wet nap ( a wet wipe) to test if the hair has been removed. If the hair comes out easily, remove all the cream. If not, leave the cream on to work for an additional minute.

• It is recommended to work with a watch or clock in order to accurately measure the time required for the depilation. In any event, do not leave the cream on your skin for over 6 minutes.(For face and bikini line do not leave the cream on your skin for more than 4 minutes)

• Do not scratch or rub in the cream, to avoid irritating or harming the skin. Remove with a moist cloth or with cold water. Wash well until all the cream is removed from your skin.



• Do an allergy test on a small section of skin before use. An allergy may develop from use to use.

• contains glycol and thioglycolic.

• Do not use on irritated skin or on eyebrows.

• Do not use after using another product that contains alcohol.

• Avoid contact with the eyes or the area around the eyes. In the event there is contact with the eyes, wash immediately with water.

• Use the product for the body part it was designed for (Body and Legs, Face or Bikini).

• Keep away from children and store in a dry cool place.

MudZero Hair Remover Unisex 200 ml

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