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User: A person who selects products from the E-SHOP fills in the order form and places the order on their behalf or on behalf of a legal entity by which they have been authorized.

Recipient: A person or legal entity which can be different from the user and can receive the products ordered at the address indicated by the individual who placed the order request.

In order to complete the order, the user has to fill the necessary data in the relevant fields
Once your order has been shipped you will receive an email.

We offer two methods for shipping your orders from our website
Standard – up to 14 business days from the order placed.
Express – 5-9 business days from the order placed.


Please note:
Our business days Sunday–Thursday, holidays excluded.
Friday & Saturday deliveries are not available.
If express shipping is not available in your location, you will receive an email from us advising you as such.

The delivery is shipped by courier and the shipment costs are added to the total order value after entering the address for delivery unless otherwise indicated. At present we can only serve the countries listed in the order form.

Delivery time
Deliveries are made on business days. The deliveries are completed within up to 14 business days from the date of order placement to arrive to recipient country.


Customer Responsibility for Import Duty, VAT, or Other Taxes in the European Union and other countries

Customers with shipping addresses in the European Union and other countries are solely responsible for all duties, import taxes and brokerage fees. These are not included in the cost of shipping or handling of your order. Customs, duties, and taxes may vary widely from country to country; please check with your local customs agency for details on estimated costs. once we sent the order via one of the shipping companies, the tracking information of the package will be the proof of sending. should the receiving customer fail to pay the duties and taxes (should it applies) the package with the products will be abended (we do not approve returns to Israel since the process of return is complex and expensive) and the ordering customer will be refunded by the value of 10% of the order placed upon customer email notification.


the full shipping charges is NOT the shipping charge we may or may not collect once you place your order and we subsidize it only for selling purposes. the full shipping charges will be presented to the customer or the credit card company or PayPal or any other gateway payment company as a proof of the actual charges applied to the customer once he/her decline receiving the package and failing to pay the import duties


Due to federal and local laws, we cannot receive products back after they were dispatched,

Please Note: If you have any queries regarding your transaction, please contact our customer care immediately so that it may be rectified accordingly.

In any case once you think you have a problem with your order please contact us and we will do everything we can to keep you satisfied

You can contact us via email or via our contact page

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